Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Expenditure Tracker - April 2012

As predicted April underperformed against my goals with personal expenditure being too high as well as a lower than target investment in my share investments.  My investment property account pay down was in line with target.

A summary of my expenditure for the month is shown below:
  • Share investments: -$ 13,843 ($17,143 under)
  • Home loan offset account: $ 14,264 ($12,664 over)
  • Personal expenditure: $6,134 ($4,634 over)
On a cumulative basis (January - April 2012) the accounts are as follows:
  • Share investments: $8,573 ($4,627 under)
  • Home loan offset account: $3,711 ($2,688 under)
  • Personal expenditure: $11,786 ($10,286 over)
In last month's personal expenditure summary the biggest movement was an allocation of funds from my home loan offset account to the QBE SPP which I intended to participate in.  However as this did not go to plan (see my previous post on how you can lose money from a seemingly great deal) I was refunded most of the money which I put back into my home loan account.

My personal expenditure was very far above the allowable amount this month as I paid the airfare of an annual holiday that I will be taking in December.  This amount alone was greater than my allowable expenditure for the month.  Without this amount in there my overspend would have been less than March (though still not in positive territory)

On a cumulative basis I have under invested and overspent on all fronts.  However I am currently very focused on keeping my personal expenditure down in the coming months.  My credit card bill for May is significantly lower than in previous months which should allow my personal expenditure to come down quite significantly.  I now have to focus on keeping my cash expenditure for the month just as low.

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