Friday, 1 February 2013

January 2013 Net Worth: $346,000 (+3.8%)

Value% Change
Net worth$346,000+3.8%

January 2013 was once again a very pleasing performance which was almost entirely driven by the share market return.  I mentioned in my December 2012 net worth that a lot of my overseas expenditures would be delayed until January and these have come through these month as well as other big expenditures which I will detail below.

Last month my goal was to have my net worth over $336,000 and had my shares not performed as I did I probably would have been around this level.  The big movements in my net worth this month were driven by:
  • Strong share market returns
    • My direct share investments saw an increase of 11% over the month of January.  I am thinking of taking some of these profits and then entering again when the market retreats somewhat
    • A further investment in my employee share plan
  • A significant reduction in the amount of cash in my transaction account
    • This was due to significant personal expenditures during the month - my personal life was in a bit of flux during the time and I ended up spending much more during the month as I tried to get that back on track
  • A significant increase in my credit card debt
    • Once again this was due to a similar reason that my cash decreased
    • Also much of my expenditure when I was overseas was on credit card and this was due this month
    • Further my annual car insurance was due this month.  Strangely enough this cost went down for the year which I was not expecting.  
For February 2013 I am predicting that I may see a flattish performance in my net worth.  While I believe that I will be able to save much more in February than I did in January from my wage, I do not think the share market will continue to perform in the way that is has over the last 2 months.  If the share market does pull back over the next month then it should be rather flat.  If it does not pull back but rather remain flat then I am targeting an increase in my net worth of ~$4,000 to cross $350,000 for the first time.

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