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You can contact me by posting a comment on my blog or emailing me at 90millionblogger@gmail.com.  I will endeavour to respond to emails and comments as quickly as possible.

About the Blog 

Journey to 90 Million was originally set up as a personal finance blog in June 2011 to track my journey to financial freedom.

What I found through writing this blog was that there are so many others on the same journey, albeit at different stages.  Some are way beyond where I am and some are just starting out.  Through the blog I hope to provide you with wealth creation ideas and perhaps a little motivation along the way.

About Me 

Who am I?

I am an Australian blogger who is a little bit dorky about finance.  I love exploring new ideas and concepts and I love to talk about finance at any given opportunity.  I'd love it if everyone could talk freely about finance as there is so much we can learn from those around us.

Why do I blog anonymously?

Although I love talking about financial topics, I am a little more shy about sharing my actual personal financial situation, especially with my friends and family. I appreciate the freedom and the privacy that anonymous blogging allows for and hopefully you can get a better insight into what I am doing and trying to achieve if I can be more honest or explain what I am doing fully.

Why should I trust you if you don't put your name to the blog?

Please don't follow anything you see on this blog without first considering your own situation and talking to your financial planner or other professionals. I don't want you to think that everything I say is a good idea.  I want it to be food for thought and if there is something that applies to you and you can implement to improve your own financial situation then great!

Feel free to question anything I have put up on this blog.  Being suspicious and sceptical is the best form of analysis in the financial world.  

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