Thursday, 1 November 2012

October 2012 Net Worth: $268,000 (+2.8%)

Value% Change
Net worth$268,000+2.8%

Once again I was very happy with my absolute performance this month as some of my investment strategies started to pay off and I managed to keep my expenses well under control this month.  However as with my September and August Net Worth posts I noticed that the value of my investment portfolio always seems to be lowest at month's end - I'm not sure what the reason for this is but it certain impacts how I think I am going every month.

This month was impacted by a few large events.  Some of them were quite positive and others were mildly negative. These included:

  • Being allocated more shares than I expected under the FKP rights issue
    • I have posted about this before in detail but what it did was reduce significantly the loss I was carrying forward on these shares
    • At the moment I am 5% below my weighted average purchase price for these shares however they are very depressed at the moment so I am holding onto them
    • This was the biggest positive impact for this month
  • I held onto my ESIP shares a little longer than I should have
    • I am still holding on to my ESIP shares which I had originally meant to sell very quickly
    • These shares reached all time highs however have now come off quite a bit.  The decision to hold makes sense but if either the currency or share price moves back in my favour I'm going to take the cash and run
    • This had a marginal positive impact over the whole month but probably a mildly negative one over the last few days of the month
  • My expenditure was as controlled as it has ever been
    • I will provide more detail on this in my expenditure tracker post tomorrow but this month I somehow did not end up spending much money at all (even though I did a weekend away)
For those who read this series from month to month there are several items that were pretty consistent
  • My monthly allocations to my employee share plan and my superannuation increased my savings without me having to think about it
  • My home loan offset account increased as I started to rebuild my balance post significant transfers to my share trading account
  • Start putting aside money for my overseas holiday over Christmas - I totally forgot about this so have not done it
  • Doing my taxes for the 2012 financial year.  I have booked in an appointment with my accountant for next week so I should get the refund in November
For November 2012 I forecast that my Net Worth will be affected by the following
  1. I gave my car in for servicing which cost my $700.  I have yet to pay this bill but this will have to be paid this month.
  2. I should get my 2012 bonus paid into my account this month which will should see a significant increase in my net worth.  Note though that I had already set aside the majority of this for my new sports car which I plan on purchasing
  3. I should get my tax return for the 2012 financial year
  4. I am going to edit the way in which my net worth is calculated to take into account future tax payable on unrealised gains in my share portfolio - this will give a more accurate picture of my net worth
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