Friday, 2 November 2012

October 2012 Expenditure Tracker

ItemOct 2012Target (new)Over/(Under)
Share Investments+$1,032+$3,100-$2,068
Offset Acct.+$2,700+$1,300+$1,400
Personal expenditure+$2,757+$2,000+$757

This will be the first time that I provide my performance according to my reset expectations only.  Although I am still not meeting all of my expenditure goals I am moving towards them as I am more conscious about controlling my expenditure and am breaking some of the bad habits that I had previously.

In terms of share investments, I invested a significant amount of money in the FKP rights issue (as discussed several times before), however as the funds for this were already held in my share trading cash account the amount allocated to share trading did not change at all for the purposes of the expenditure tracker.  I also continued to contribute to my employee share plan which made up the bulk of the net investment this month. Although it looks like I under invested in shares this month I am still well ahead of my objective as can be seen from the cumulative table below.

I over allocated funds to my offset account this month to account for the fact that I am well below where I want to be due to the allocation of funds from this account to my share account.  As interest rates in Australia continue to decrease the effective return I earn on these funds decreases and so I am comfortable with this state of affairs.

The big story for me this month was around personal expenditure.  This is the first month where I overspent less than $1,000.  Although the overspend was still well above my limit,  regular readers would know that I regularly blow through this amount very easily and so I was very happy not to this month.  This was a combination of several factors
  • Spending less money on taking lunches to work
  • No major expenses during the month
  • No major events (such as weddings or gifts) during the month
November 2012 is likely to be a very positive month but this is due mainly to significantly increased income due to my bonus being paid and receiving my tax return.  However in this month I will be:
  • Transferring a significant amount of unused share capital from my share trading account back into my offset account
  • Paying for my car servicing bill 
  • Starting to purchase Christmas gifts
Below I have included the cumulative expenditure performance (from July 2012 only)

ItemJul 12 - Oct 12Target (new)Over/(Under)
Share Investments+$54,432+$12,400+$42,032
Offset Acct.-$40,872+$5,200-$46,072
Personal expenditure+$13,676+$8,000+$5,676

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