Friday, 16 November 2012

Click Frenzy - A chance to do your Christmas shopping in one hit

Click Frenzy is this coming Tuesday starting at 7pm and running for 24 hours.  It gives shoppers the opportunity to buy goods at 15 - 90% off (only) for that 24 hour period.

I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to do their Christmas shopping early and in one massive hit and possible get some good deals but you do need to prepare!

What is Click Frenzy?

Click Frenzy is the Australian version of Cyber Monday which was is a US day of crazy online sales where everything online is heavily discounted.  It is like the online version of the boxing day sales.

This is the first time it is being done in Australia as Australia has been very far behind in terms of major retailers having an effective web presence and Australians have been much slower than their US counterparts in taking up the online buying phenomenon.

When is it?  It starts at 7pm on  Tuesday 20 November and runs for 24 hours.

What stores are participating in Click Frenzy?

Not all the major retailers are participating but so far there are a really good list of retailers that are participating including Myer, Dick Smith, Target, Dan Murphys, Masters, Microsoft, Saba and many others.

You can find a more extensive list here.

What should you do before Click Frenzy?

There are several things you should do before the start of the sales.  These include

  1. Make sure you have access to a good Internet connection.  
    • My home Internet tends to be extremely slow during times of high use (you wouldn't think that about broadband but unfortunately it is the case) so I am using my corporate connection and will be staying at work.
  2. Work out what you want to buy before the sales
    • The chances are the stock you want to buy will be relatively limited and if you are going for something popular you want to head there straight away
  3. Make sure you know your prices before Click Frenzy
    • The worst thing you can do is to buy an over-priced product which has then been nominally marked down so if you have your list of products you want to buy - make sure you know the cheapest price you can get it elsewhere
  4. Know what stores sell the product you want
    • There are real worries that the Australian retailers' online stores are not up to the volume of traffic that will be received on Tuesday and you want to be able to get into the store you want and purchase your product before it goes down
Are the deals really going to be that good?

This is the big question and the fact is that no one really knows.  I think the retailers will offer really really good deals in this first year to hype up the day and get it off the ground so this may be the year where you get the best deals.  In any event I have freed up a couple of hours that night and have made my list of things that I want.  

Hopefully my Christmas shopping works out a lot cheaper than I had originally budgeted for!

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  1. So it's 20 past 7 and I cannot get on the click frenzy website. This is terrible planning!

    For anyone who is looking to buy electronics JB Hi-Fi has some great deals on their site (they were not part of the click frenzy promo but I was bored and decided to look at their site while waiting for the actual site to load)