Thursday, 19 July 2012

IRESS no longer supports some international share quotes

One of the reoccurring series on this blog is my monthly update of my net worth and tracking it to my target.  I have a spreadsheet which is largely automated which calculates this every month. 

A core component of this is my stock portfolio tracker.  I currently use IRESS to track my portfolio.  IRESS is an Australian based trading and data platform much like Bloomberg. 
  • Like Bloomberg the prices that you see are in real time (unlike cheaper data services which have a 20 minute delay on prices)
  • Unlike Bloomberg however it is simple to use and is modern (I will never understand why Bloomberg insists of living in the 80s).  You get everything you could possibly need to trade and their charting function is second to none. 
Before you go searching for this online keep in mind that it is a paid service.  My employer subscribes to it so I am able to use it.

However IRESS has stopped supporting some international markets

IRESS has always primarily been for the Australian market however it made it easy for those who needed a daily quote for international stocks to update their portfolios because they had close of market quotes for all other international markets.  You couldn't trade through this platform and the same level of functionality wasnt available as for Australian stocks but it served for checking end of day prices quite well.

Recently however IRESS seems to have stopped coverage of some financial markets.  I did a quick search and stocks listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE still seem to be working perfectly however those listed in Europe are patchy.  One stock I own - ETR:KH6 is no longer covered which is how it first came to my attention.

If you use IRESS to keep track of your own personal portfolio (you can use it to update excel spreadsheets through formulas) then keep this in mind.  You may find that your European stock prices have reverted to zero and you need to do this manually.

If you have a particularly international portfolio and you are paying for the IRESS subscription you may want to use an alternate data source

There are other data service providers out there like Factset, CapIQ and Bloomberg however these are aimed at institutional clients and cost ~$10,000 per year per subscription.  Your broker may offer you a data service stream for a cost (I know Interactive Brokers does this) or you may want to go for a free option like Google Finance. 

The real benefit of IRESS was the ability to update spreadsheets automatically - it is a pity that they have stopped streaming data for international companies.  I think for an individual investor it is one of the best paid products you can get.  If you know of any others please comment below.

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