Thursday, 26 July 2012

Google Nexus 7: Great value and a decent work tablet as well

I confess that I am not normally an early adopter of technology and prefer to wait until a product is well established in a market before I purchase it.  I therefore surprised myself when I pre-ordered Google's new tablet after reading only a few reviews,

In my review below I'm going to focus on the practical aspects of using this tablet.  There are plenty of great reviews out there if you want to know all about the specifications and performance.

The good
  • The size makes it really portable for business as well as personal use.  It looks fairly big however I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it fit in my inner suit pocket without any sort of bulge.  It really is a portable device.
  • The price is unbelievably low for a piece of equipment of this quality.  When you take into account the $50 Google play credit you get the vale becomes even better.
  • The quality is comparable to any Apple product out there for half the price
The bad
  • Horizontally the screen is too small when you want to use the device for note taking in meetings.  The keyboard simply expands too far to make it useful.  I have yet to find a way around this.
  • There is little advice available on how to effectively use it simply because it is such a new product.  I spent hours yesterday trying to find a note taking programme that would work if I had no wi-fi
  • Insufficient memory if you do not have constant access to Wi-Fi.  Google built this product with the idea that everything can be stored and accessed through could solutions.  I however do not have Wi-Fi access at work so cannot use this solution.

Overall I think this is a great device.  I am not wishing I bought an iPad or some other android solution.  As I work out the best applications for business use I will post them up.

One final note: it took me close to 20 minutes to type this post on my nexus.  On a keyboard I don't think it would have taken me half the amount of time. 

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