Thursday, 1 December 2011

November 2011 Net Worth - $199,000 (+6%)

Assets: $569,000
Liabilities: $370,000
Net Worth: $199,000

The increase in net worth this month is entirely due to the tax return I recieved from the government. This years tax return was large (in comparison to last year where I owed the government money) because it was the first financial year in which I got the benefits of my negatively geared property.

Without the tax return my net worth would have been flat. This is due to the significant decrease in the value of my investment portfolio during the month. I have not been keeping track of the month to month movement in my stocks however overall my portfolio is down 12% from when I started to build it (the big negatives come from my pre GFC purchases which I still hold on to).

Liabilities stayed broadly flat as well as I ended up using most of my free cash for a holiday. The upside is this liability did not increase at all during the month. December is the last month in which the government will give me a 10% discount if I pay off my student loans so I may use some cash on hand for that and get a 10% kicker to my net worth next month.

Last month I predicted that my net worth would be impacted by

  1. Holiday - takes cash: This ended up happening and I did not save anything (net) for the month

  2. My taxes would finally come through: As discussed above this did happen

  3. I would incur expenses relating to fixing my investment property: this has not occured yet so is likely to be a negative next month

My predictions for this month

  1. Christmas / December is likely to cause me to have flat / negative savings once more

  2. As discussed above I should get a 10% kicker from the repayment of my student loans

  3. Also as discussed expenses relating to my investment property may come through

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