Monday, 7 July 2014

Where have all the Investment Banking posts gone?

It is with great sadness (and some excitement) that I am announcing the removal of my Investment Banking posts from this blog.  Over the last 3 years I have written 50 posts on Investment Banking and these have been some of the most read posts on the blog and have driven a significant amount of traffic to the blog.

Why did I remove the Investment Banking posts?

As I mentioned in my post reflecting on the 3rd anniversary of this blog, this blog had gotten incredibly large and unfocused.  It was part personal finance, part career advice, part politics and a bit of economics thrown in there for good measure.

In an attempt to streamline and refocus the blog I have removed the Investment Banking posts (although the other non core posts will remain on this site).

Where can I find the posts on Investment Banking?

I recently mentioned that I
was starting a new online business and all of my old investment banking posts will be refreshed and uploaded to that site.  There are several reasons I moved the posts instead of keeping them here:
  • After deciding to focus this website I decided not to do any more investment banking posts 
  • However I still had a great deal of information that I thought would be useful to others
  • In order to give you better advice about getting a job in investment banking and surviving once you got there I decided to start a blog which only did Investment Banking posts
I am going to be a little bit difficult here and ask you to email me in order to get the new website.  I am keeping the two websites very separate but understand that there are those who may want to refer back to something I have written in the past.

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