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December 2013 Expenditure Tracker

This is my final expenditure tracker for 2013 and uses my reset expectations for 2013.  It also continues to be influenced by my smoothed expenditure technique.  This month I was good on so many fronts - my expenditure on Christmas gifts remained under control, I invested cash in both the stock market and into my home loan offset account however towards the end of the month in the height of the Christmas season I went a little silly and spent far more cash than I should have on going out and having a good time.

The full details of my monthly savings and expenditure are below:

ItemDec 2013Target (new)Over/(Under)Target (old)Over/(Under)
Share Investments-$9,944+$2,500-$12,444+$2,000-$11,944
Offset Acct.+$22,907+$2,400+$20,507+$3,500+$19,407
Personal expenditure+$6,845+$2,800+$4,045+$2,200+$4,645

As you can see my personal expenditure has once again blown out in quite a large way.  The major movements for my accounts are discussed in detail below:

  • Share investments
    • In previous months I had transferred funds into this account for FKP's latest rights issue
    • After being allocated my shares in this issue, I transferred the excess funds back into my home loan offset account
    • I also continued to save into my employee share plan.  As discussed last month I was waiting for the A$ to drop to get a 'free kick' before selling these.  This has now played out so I will be selling them in the coming month
  • Home loan offset account
    • As mentioned above I transferred funds back from my share investment account
    • I also managed to save a little bit into this account from my wage
    • I am saving for quite a big purchase later in the year and have been putting this money into my offset account.  Given it will be leaving this account I have not included it as part of my savings / investment category
  • Personal expenditure
    • As you can see above this really blew out this month - I had a high credit card bill and compounded this by spending a lot of my cash partying in the last few days of the month
    • I am saving for a few big things in the coming year so my smoothed expenditure technique also showed a negative impact this month
    • At the end of the month I have $85 left in my transaction account.  I will not be drawing more money out of my savings to cover me so may be a bit tight fisted until pay day...let's see how this goes

On a cumulative basis my performance is as follows:

ItemAug 13 -Dec 13Target (new)Over/(Under)Jan 13 -Dec 13Target (old)Over/(Under)
Share Investments+$24,432+$12,500+$11,932+$38,430+$24,000+$14,430
Offset Acct.+$17,019+$12,000+$5,019+$23,548+$42,000-$18,452
Personal expenditure+$30,321+$14,000+$16,321+$62,224+$26,400+$35,824

You can see my whole 12 month performance in the data above.  On my original goals I achieved what I wanted to (and exceeded it by quite a long way) on my share investment account however fell a fair bit short in my offset account.  The net of my share investments and my offset account was almost exactly negative $4,000 when it should have been comfortably positive.

I had hoped to spend $26,400 over the whole year on my personal expenses. Moving out of home caused this to be significantly higher although I certainly didn't expect to be spending $62,000 on 'life'. This is a scary amount given I didn't really spend on anything big this year other than one overseas holiday.  As I move into my own place in the coming year I need to control this better.  There is so much potential for me to get ahead and achieve all those things that I want to do however I do need better self control.

If I had spent only $40,000 instead of the $62,000 and saved the rest my net worth for December 2013 would have been at the half million mark.  I shall try and do better in the coming year although I have been thinking about a different form of spending for the current year which I will outline shortly.

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