Friday, 26 July 2013

Should I write sponsored posts?

On this lovely Friday I thought I would throw out a question for all the readers of my blog; Should I do sponsored posts?

A little background

Many readers know that I started this blog originally just to track my net worth to my goal of 90 million.  Hence the name of my blog: Journey to 90 million.  However since then it has spawned into something I didn't quite expect and I have really become dedicated to updating this blog on daily basis.

It was never my intention to make money from this blog.  As at writing this post I have well over 300 posts and the advertisements I have on the sidebar and top of the bar barely generate any revenue.  Put it this way...Google sends you a check every time you reach A$150 of advertising revenue and I have yet to receive my first check in over 2 years of posting.  That's not a great income generator in anyone's book.

That being said, I am not averse to generating income from the blog as long as I get to maintain the reputation of the blog.  This is why when I do book reviews I'll generally put a link to different book sites you can buy them from and theoretically I get affiliate revenue any time someone clicks on the link and buys the book.  So far I have not really made money off this either.

I was quite content to go on posting on this blog because I genuinely enjoy doing it when an opportunity arose recently that I was reasonably tempted by.  I was offered a sponsored posts on a topic I was actually already drafting.  The way it works is this: I write a post I was going to write anyway and someone pays me sum to put a link to their business in the post along with a keyword.

My question to readers...

My question to my readers is this.  If all the material is still
mine and I fully disclose that it is a sponsored posts, would you have any problem with me writing it?  Or would you trust it less because it would be seen as biased in some way because I was writing it?

Hopefully my readers would trust what I write by now but I was hoping to get your feedback about this issue particularly.  I can't stress enough that the advertiser would have no say in the content of what I wrote.

As an aside...

Having now done it pretty consistently for a few years, and having a regular reader base and several thousand pageviews a month...blogging is not a way to make millions.  Do it because you love it and because you want to share your thoughts on an issue.  Don't do it for the money because it will disappoint you very fast.

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