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Get cheap subscriptions to expensive business magazines

I love reading about business and finance - it really doesn't matter what the topic is.  I'll devour books on the share market, on business, on savings and personal finance and never really get bored.  And I've found great ways to get them cheap (Amazon, Book Depository and Fishpond).

However, finding a solution for business magazines was that much harder.  I love some business magazines and they often have more information and material in one issue than some of popular investment books out there (the whole Rich Dad Poor Dad series comes to mind).  I love the Economist as well as the Business Review Weekly (which is an Australian publication).  However the problem is that these are outrageously expensive - I have no problem paying for quality however I do care about getting ripped off.

There are ways you can save money so before you go out and buy your next edition of one of your favourite magazines from the book stand read the tips below!

Getting a cheap subscription to The Economist - An Example

We all know that buying individual issues to a magazine is possibly the best way to blow money out there but it is surprising how many people can't be bothered going online and filling out a subscription form.  At the time of writing the cover price of the The Economist is A$11 (~US$12) which will cost you $561 for a years worth of issues.

The following ways are all ways you can save money with your subscription to The Economist (or any other business magazine)

  1. Subscribe via The Economists website
    • Note that they price differently based on where you are located so if you are getting it posted to home then you will get your local country price
    • For a 1 year subscription for an Australian this will cost you A$8.59 per week (saving you $123)
  2. Subscribe via another magazine subscription website
    • For some strange reason, other online magazine retailers give you a much cheaper rate for a years subscription than The Economists own website which seems crazy to me but it seems to be a trend
    • A one years subscription from will cost you A$7.16 per issue (saving you $196)
  3. Subscribe as a student
    • This is the easiest and best way to save money on your magazine subscriptions but what you need is a student (they can be university level) in your household (I use my younger brother) to make it semi-legitimate
    • If you do it via The Economist website you will pay $6.49 per issue (saving you $232)
    • If you do it via a student magazine website (e.g. you pay $4.90 per issue (saving you $311)
  4. Subscribe to an international mailbox or address and get it posted to you
    • The Economist charges vastly different prices for consumers in different countries.  I have written about price discrimination before and why it occurs.
    • This is the most convoluted method however can probably save you the most money.  
      • Note that it will NOT work if you have to rent a mail box - the costs simply do not make sense
      • Remember to factor in your postage costs
      • It probably works best if you have family or friends in a low subscription cost country
    • If you know someone in India you will be paying INR117.65 (~A$2.11) per issue saving you $453 over the year (less any postage costs)
I think the international option is a little extreme but all of the other ways are valid means to get cheap subscriptions to expensive business magazines.  It may be viewed as dishonest by some to use a student in your house to get a cheaper magazine subscription for yourself but if you look at the way in which big multinationals like this price gouge and discriminate based on geography I tend to feel less guilty.

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