Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Expenditure Tracker - September 2012

ItemSep 2012Target (new)Over/(Under)Target (old)Over/(Under)
Share Investments+$31,032+$3,100+$27,932+$3,300+$27,732
Offset Acct.-$27,048+$1,300-$28,348+$1,600-$28,648
Personal expenditure+$3,065+$2,000+$1,065+$1,500+$1,565

This is the fourth post with my reset expectations around what I can spend and save each month.  As you can see I am still not meeting my expenditure expectations however if you compare with previous expenditure trackers I am managing to slowly reduce my personal expenditure so that it does not have the same swing factor impact that it has in previous months.

Compared to August 2012, I controlled my personal expenditure relatively well and I did not have any big or unexpected expenses during the month. My credit card bill for the coming month is even lower than last month.  I'm aiming for my credit card bill to be sub $1,200 by November.  I don't think that I can achieve this over December and January due to Christmas as well as an overseas trip I have planned.

The big increase in the stock investment for this month was due to the transfer of funds into the FKP equity rights issue (and the overallocation facility I got screwed on - I have posted about this before).  As I receive the cash back from this investment the offset and share investment accounts should balance each other out again (although the spot month to month accounts may look odd).  The table to focus on would be the cumulative one (not the actual month to month one)

As mentioned in my September 2012 Net Worth post, next month I think I'm going to get a little bit more complex with the way I track my performance to include the impact of taxes (particularly capital gains taxes) because I do not wish to have big swing factors whenever I do my tax returns when in fact I have incurred taxes at much earlier dates.  The exception to this will be on the tax return I will get from my investment property as this is pretty hard to assess on a month to month basis.

On a cumulative basis my expenditure performance is as follows:

ItemJul 12 - Sep 12Target (new)Over/(Under)Jan 12 - Sep 12Target (old)Over/(Under)
Share Investments+$53,400+$9,300+$44,100+$78,209+$29,700+$48,509
Offset Acct.-$43,572+$3,900-$47,472-$49,567+$14,400-$63,967
Personal expenditure+$10,919+$6,000+$4,919+$33,091+$13,500+$19,591

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