Friday, 5 October 2012

Discount coupon websites are great (free) ways to save money online

This will just be a quick Friday post from me today.  I'm sure many people who shop online know this but I thought I would put up a tried and trusted way you can save a fair bit of money when shopping or buying products online.

You would have noticed that whenever you buy products or services from a website in the checkout screen there is always space for a coupon code.  If you do not buy products online often you may not realise that these coupons (and often relatively large savings that come with them) are easily available online if you search for them.

All you need to do is google the site and then "coupon code" or "discount code" and you will see a vast number of sites come up which claim to have coupon codes for that company.  Note that not all of them will work and you will often end up searching a long time for something that doesn't exist.  The following are the steps I take to get coupon codes quickly and easily:

  1. Use primarily a site you trust or have used before - it saves you going to sites that will give you nothing
    • I had recommended to me by a friend who shopped online a lot and I found that they are my go to source for discount coupon codes
    • While they don't have coupon codes for everything they have a pretty good selection
    • Usual disclaimer: I'm not affiliated nor do I get anything from them when you click the link
  2. DO NOT click links that say "click through to the site to get a discount"
    • You almost NEVER get a discount this way and the website that scammed you just made a couple of dollars because they 'referred' you to a site you were already going to buy from
  3. Look for the code itself - most sites should have this displayed upfront. 
    • The "click here for code" are often gimmicks like the one described in point 2
  4. Work out which code offers you the best value
    • There are often multiple codes available which offer different deals
    • For lower priced items you're probably better off taking the flat dollar off discount but for higher priced items you may want the percentage off offer - see what works for you
  5. If the first code doesn't work try the second one
    • I've never seen a website which will only let you enter one code - try several before giving up
I hope the above tips work for you.  If you have any other sites which you use regularly I'd love to hear about them (I'm always on the hunt for bargains).

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  1. Definitely don't do the clickthroughs to the other sites. Made that mistake once already.
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