Thursday, 28 June 2012

Book review: The Adventure Capitalist by Connor Woodman

The Adventure Capitalist: Camels, Carpets and Coffee: How Face-to-face Trade is the New Economics
The Adventure Capitalist is a fun and entertaining read that takes us back to the basics of trade.  You will not find any mention in this book of housing markets, stock markets and Wall Street.  Instead Connor Woodman attempts to answer the question:  can an individual get out there and start trading in goods in the international marketplace and make a decent profit?  The reader rides the highs and lows with author as he seeks to answer this central question. 
Through the author’s adventures the reader discovers the answers to many more questions including: Is it possible to buy camels in Sudan and then take them to Egypt and sell for a profit?  Can you really buy wine in South Africa and then ship it to China or is the market too young (and snobbish)?  And will tourists in Mexico buy inflatable surfboards made in China?
This book will not provide you with the knowledge to get out there and start making money, nor does it have any ‘special formula’ for success and we found that to be the books greatest strength.  We, the reader, discover that there is no great secret to the business of international trade – you need to do your research and more importantly just get out there and make your mark on the world.

ü  Interesting and
fascinating to read – this book made me want to quit my day job and travel the world trading my way to profits
ü  Doesn’t pretend to be what it is not
û  The book gets a bit repetitive in the middle as the new trades seem much the same as the last
û  Will not teach you skills that you can go out and start applying in your life tomorrow
Overall conclusions
·         Read this book if you are interested in how one man decided to leave the rat race and get back to the basics of trade and how to make money
·         This book will not teach you anything you do not already know but will hopefully provide you with the motivation and knowledge that you can do something different

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