Friday, 29 June 2012

90Million Blog's 1 Year Anniversary!

As this month draws to a close I am amazed and proud to announce that 90Million Blog has been online for 1 year now.  It has gone from being a blog with less than 5 posts a month in the first few months to one which I am pretty dedicated to updating every workday.

The readership of this blog has also increased beyond all my expectations.  A big thank you to those that read this blog and add comments as well - I really appreciate it and hope that this provides a service that you find useful and occasionally entertaining.

My plan is to expand the scope of this blog over the next year however I will still keep posting those things which seem to keep the readers coming back.  New things I hope to introduce include
  1. Uploading templates and spreadsheets that readers can use for themselves.  I am toying with the idea of having simple / less complex ones for free and more complex ones for a nominal fee
  2. A scam watch section which is dedicated to financial scams.  The biggest problem are those financial products which are not technically illegal but which are borderline unethical.  Given the work in identifying these I don't think this would be a weekly post but I hope to build up a vault of information for people out there
Regular series I hope to continue over the coming year include
  • Net worth and expenditure tracker posts: This was the original purpose of this blog and I'm going to continue it (hopefully with some improvements)
  • Investing in real estate posts:  I will continue to post real estate related posts on a weekly basis. 
  • Getting into Investment Banking: I will continue my Investment Banking series which I hope to be a practical look at the industry and a useful resource for people considering working in it.
If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them as I always trying to improve what I post.

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