Monday, 17 October 2011

September 2011 Net Worth - $177,000 (+2%)

Assets: $561,000
Liabilities: $384,000
Net Worth: $177,000

The net worth for September was actually calculated as at 17 October 2011 as I have not managed to get around to it before this point.

While there was a decent increase in assets this month (+$19,000), much of this was due to the inclusion of my superannuation balance which is not accessible until I'm 60. I've decided to start including my 'off balance sheet' items as they definetely impact my savings rate (and effectively my ability to retire comfortably)

My liabilities also increased significantly (+$16,000) and again this was due to me including items which were previously not included - in this case my HECS (or univeristy) debts which are government funded and which get paid out of my taxes.

Last month I noted that I would do my taxes and should get a healthy return which would bump my net worth up. I did my taxes, however as I used an accountant this time and did not do them myself the refund seems to be taking longer than usual (and so should be reflected in next months or the month after accounts)

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