Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Occupy Wall Street protests....why?!

Given that I spent the last 2 weeks lounging around in the sun, I missed the build up to the OWS protests and so when I turned on the news was confronted with the sheer size of them. I then came into work and found that similar protests have started in my city as well.

A couple of things sprung to mind when I was watching them

  1. I have no idea what these people actually want. They seem to be protesting against 'greed' with the slogan 'we are the 99%'. I couldnt help but think that they seem to want money which is currently possessed by someone else for themselves...seems like the definition of greed and self interest to me

  2. How do they have the time to do it during the day? I can understand in a country like the US which has unemployment issues at the moment - i.e. a person can give up a day of (presumably) job hunting to go and protest that they want the government to look after them and not corporations (again greed / self interest much?). HOWEVER in Australia we have no unemployment issues - in fact there are very real labour shortages here so any of those people can go and get a job

  3. Is it possible that we are seeing the beginings of a Russian-style communist revolution? I dont know enough about early 20th century Russian politics but I do know that communism didnt work too well for them so am hoping that this is not the case.

Anyway to all the protestors out there - get out of my way and let me make my money. You can make some money too...but I guess it's easier to sit down and occupy a public space for a couple of weeks

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