Sunday, 3 July 2011

Outrageous ATM receipt

The attached article from the Daily Mail has been going absolutely viral on the internet.

It deals with an ATM receipt left in the ATM (presumably by mistake) which has an account balance of $99,864,731!!!! A couple of things came to mind when I was forwarded this email:
  1. Wow - I wish I had that much in my checking account!
  2. Why does someone have that much in their checking account? Does that mean their investment accounts are many multiples of that?
  3. Why would someone with that much money in the account even print a receipt?!
Anyway if you haven't seen it elsewhere - enjoy!


  1. Several banks allow you to use your checking account as a home loan offset account, meaning some people will run up a high balance. Though as you say you should not be leaving the receipt lying around.

    1. Haha you may be right...but still ~$100m!!! I remember writing this post back in the still amazes me!