Monday, 4 July 2011

The broker dilemma

Until now I have been quite happy trading using Commsec, the brokerage division of Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Recently, however, I have been looking offshore for investment opportunities as everything is so expensive on the Australian Stock Exchange due to the commodities boom. I have been looking at stocks listed on exchanges from the NYSE to the HKSE and the Frankfurt exchange. I then checked out how much the brokerage would be through my Commsec account and found that they would be ~$100 per trade (US$107)!!!!!!!!!

After looking around I found the following brokers which are open to international investors (i.e. not US only) and will post what I think about each of them as I research more:
The more I look the more I find (for unbelievably cheap rates)...will update once I have researched some more.

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