Friday, 1 April 2016

March 2016 Net Worth: $739,900 (+2.7%)

This month was a pretty good month...I managed to get away for a 2 week break overseas and also to do pretty well in terms of my net worth performance.

Instead of a long rambling summary I thought I would get straight into the numbers.  Below I have included a detailed breakdown of my net worth performance.

In line with the new way I disclose my net worth and the extra detail provided I thought I would address each of the major categories in turn.

Direct Share Investments: +$7,800

I didn't invest anything new in the share market this month and the total gain was due to positive share market moves.  Given the real pain I have taken over the last few months this was a welcome relief.  

Most of these gains came from industrial type stocks.  I made quite a large move into resources and oil exposures while the price was falling and given the low oil price these bets haven't paid off for me yet.  I'm currently considering investing more in this space but am a little gun shy at the moment

Other Investment Assets: +$4,500

Although there are several categories within the other investment assets class and I have broken them out above, in several categories the values did not move and it was not worth breaking these out individually.
  1. I typically only update my managed fund valuations once or twice a year...I probably should do this more often but this was a gift from my parents years ago and honestly I don't look at it very often
  2. I'm running out of coins that I want to buy so am considering branching out and looking at other alternative investment classes
The gains this month were purely from my automatic contributions to my superannuation (and the positive valuation movements there) as well as my monthly contribution to my employee share plan.

Other Assets: +$1,900

I didn't change the valuation of my principal place of residence (I have only done this once when the bank changed their valuation) so the only movement this month was the movement in the value of my cash accounts.

I was honestly surprised that I had a positive outcome this month as I withdrew $4,000 for my overseas holiday however I had prepaid much of my holiday and I wasn't spending anything while I was overseas and this helped the balance increase over the month.

Liabilities: -$5,400

The positive movement in my liabilities balance was almost entirely driven by the fact that I was overseas for half the month.

  • My credit card balance only moved up marginally (and this was a month where my car registration payments fell due
  • My future liabilities came down as I had accounted for the fact that I would be going overseas when I made the plan to do so


Last month I hoped to get back to my high water mark of $727,000 from January and I blew through this.  Looking forward I want to focus more on my existing portfolio while trying to control expenses a little bit more.  Recently my wife and I have become a little slack on this and we are spending more and more and our credit card bill is starting to get to a level where we are saving far less than we should be.

This month I am targeting a net worth increase of $5,000.


  1. Awesome work there 90M, great to see you back and blogging again! Good to see you've taken a break as well :)

    I've got some exciting investment news as well shoot me a note when you get the chance.. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey there Jef! Great to see you again! I shot you an email but don't know if you got it (used your hotmail address).

      Anyway looking forward to chatting again soon