Thursday, 14 May 2015

What do you like on this blog and what can be changed?

Today I'm asking for your help and advice.  I have been writing this blog for almost 4 years now and as I approach the 4 year anniversary of this blog I'm considering making some big changes to it.  So I have two questions for you:

  1. What do you like about this blog?  Why do you read it and what do you get out of it?
  2. What can be changed and what would you like to see more of?

Why do you visit Journey to 90 Million?

I confess that I'm not 100% sure why people like visiting this blog.  I get great traffic but honestly some of the traffic baffles me.  Occasionally I'll spend hours writing a post with a huge amount of research behind it and it will only get 30 or 40 views.  Other times I will spend far less effort and that post will become incredibly popular and have visitors coming back for years.

So why do you visit the blog?  I certainly don't want to make assumptions about what people get out of it so send me your feed back.

What can be changed?

What do you tend to skip over when you visit the blog?  Is there something I used to do which I no longer do which you liked?  I know the format and design of this blog is incredibly outdated - this is something that I am working this something that bothers you?

I have a pretty thick skin so feel free to lob any criticism that you's all a learning process.  When I started this blog I knew nothing about blogging and honestly half of what I've learned is because I've made some pretty big mistakes in the past.

Feel free to post in the comments section below or send me an email at 90millionblogger (at)

Thanks heaps in advance and I'll be back to posting regularly next week!


  1. I like the posts that display your talents at setting goals and planning how to achieve them, as well as your net worth tracking posts.

    Posts that are more original are great - "I invested in a fraudulent company," "how to make suits last longer," "how to buy a diamond ring." Posts that could be on any other blog (particularly some of the less thoughtful ones) - like "5 ways to save money this Christmas," and "how to achieve your goals in 2015" - are less compelling.

    The "suggested reading" tab is great - I especially like that you list books you don't recommend.

    Given that you've been blogging for a long time, this might be quite time-consuming, but a list of your personal favorite posts would be useful to new readers of the site. Other bloggers you recommend would be interesting as well.

    Basically, more posts that showcase your personality, opinions and planning aptitude - I'm a planner too, so it's interesting to see how such a high achiever does it :)

    1. Hi EES - thanks so much for stopping by and for your thoughtful post and advice.

      Thanks also for providing specific examples. I find that sort of stuff super useful.

      I've actually been referring to your comment several times as I write new posts to keep what is useful in the front of my mind.

      Hopefully you like the new stuff that will be coming out.

  2. I'd love to see more posts on how you're tracking to your $90m goal, such as a monthly tracker.

    It's great to see your net worth going up every month, but it would be great to link it back to your final $90m result.

    1. Welcome back Streetikonz!

      Thanks for the advice. I'm looking to fill out the tracking type posts a bit more. Still trying to work out how I can do this. I'm tempted to break down the bigger goal into shorter term more achievable goals.

  3. Agreed with StreetIkonz, would be good to see some financial goals i.e. similar to those on 2 million blog, although I notice that he doesn't publish those anymore either!

    1. Hi Jef,

      Thanks for the advice. One of the problems I have with a short term goal for net worth is that the share market can swing it around so much!

      I'm trying to think of better ways I can plan / predict and then set goals. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

  4. Hey 90M,

    Agreed the share market, especially the last few days after the cash rate announcement has been pretty volatile.

    Could you set a # and then aim for it i.e. if you wanted to increase net wealth by $50,000, $100,000 or maybe one day a million per year then that way by actually putting it out there your mind/focus will get to achieving this.. Sounds very vague however I've found that the more specific you have it, even if you don't quite hit the goal, you'll see where you could have improved..

    Not sure if that helps but it's something that I'm going to look to do!

    1. Hey Jef. I really like that idea. I'm going to steal it ;)

      Actually I know exactly what you are talking about. I was recently listening to a podcast where the speaker (can't remember who it was) recommended that goals be SMART:

      Time Bound

      I don't think I've done that enough on this blog. Will definitely look at introducing that this year.

      I'm also thinking of making some big changes to the way the blog looks but I don't know how soon I'll be able to get that up and running (I was originally planning that for end of June but it looks like it will be pushed out now)

  5. Haha glad the suggestion helped ;).. It's not rocket science! Although as you say there will be fluctuations in the market this is something we can't really control anyway

    Would be interesting to know about the blog re-design! :) Let me know if you'd like any input.. How's the wedding coming along?

    1. Wedding planning is almost done (although I still don't have my suit). Bucks night is tomorrow night so I'm limbering up for that right now.