Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What ever happened to that small business idea? February 2014 Update

The downside of my real time small business experiment (which I started 2 years ago) is that all my regular readers have been clearly able to see how futile my efforts have been to start a business.

Since I first raised the idea  I have gone through a series of ideas and put the work into several projects however unfortunately none of them have come to fruition.  Some never really got past the ideas stage, others I was developing something which I thought was a good idea and the market was missing only to find out that it was incredibly difficult to actually do and finally - one idea I put a great deal of time and effort into actually came to market (in much the form as I would have done it) before I had even gotten started (and the natural big company to introduce it was the one that did introduce it).

Although it's frustrating that none of my ideas have worked out...I'm not giving up

I was originally going to write that it would be easy to give up this goal of mine - but it simply isn't. I find myself putting aside my goal of starting my own business for a few months at a time but the drive always comes back with
a vengeance.

Although it is frustrating I am not giving up on the plan of having my own business. I am removing the time frame to start one because every time you don't hit one of those target it is a little blow...but that does not mean I have no plan.

I am going back to the drawing board...

None of my previous ideas have worked out and when I looked back on a list I made a few months ago, none of them particularly excite me.  So I am going back to the drawing board.  I am looking at my strengths and playing to them.

I am not focused on that one 'perfect idea' because I think any business and any business idea gets tweaked and refined although I do want something which I can get off the ground and which is viable in the long term.

 I also don't want to give up my day job.  A lot of people hate their job and can't wait to 'be their own boss'.  I'm really lucky to be in a secure, high paying job that I love.  I love coming to work each day.

...and asking for advice...

One of the biggest problems that I had previously was that I was embarrassed to ask for advice.  I had been shot down so many times before by people close to me (who were not really business orientated) that I preferred to do things on my own.

I have been creating a network over the last few years as I've gone through this process of people who have started their own business and who can give me proper advice.  My partner is also very supportive which helps immensely.

...and I hope this is the year I manage to get my business off the ground

I will keep you updated on how I am going and will post about anything I do get off the ground or where I get stuck.  Hopefully this is the year where something happens!

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  1. Having the "right idea" is tough, I've started my online business using a blog now.. I say make the commitment but have something that you are passionate about.. This way you are designed to succeed :)

    1. Congratulations on the business and blog Jef! Looking forward to seeing it (if you decide to share!). Good luck! Definitely motivates me to get going and try something out.