Thursday, 5 December 2013

November 2013 Expenditure Tracker

This is my second last expenditure tracker for the year and uses my reset expectations for 2013.  It also continues to be influenced by my smoothed expenditure technique.  This month had a lot of one off expenses - I travelled overseas for 1/3 of the month, my bonus got paid and I subscribed to a rather large rights issue which took a significant amount of cash out of my offset account and put it into my share investment account.  Full details are below:

ItemNov 2013Target (new)Over/(Under)Target (old)Over/(Under)
Share Investments+$31,094+$2,500+$28,594+$2,000+$29,094
Offset Acct.-$11,256+$2,400-$13,656+$3,500-$14,756
Personal expenditure+$6,355+$2,800+$3,555+$2,200+$4,155

As you can see above my personal expenditure has once again blown out in quite a large way - I will go into the reasons for that below) - but this was counter balanced by the large inflow of funds from my bonus.  The major movements in my three accounts are discussed below.

  • Share investments
    • This month I transferred $30,000 into my share investment account as I wished to take up the FKP rights offer - I already had a significant balance of cash sitting in this account so the amount I actually applied for was quite a bit higher
    • I continued to invest in my employee share plan 
      • I have not yet sold out of the shares that vested in the previous period nor have I sold out of the shares associated with my bonus last year which were subject to holding periods 
      • I have been waiting until the currency drops a bit to get a 'free kick' however my exposure to my company's stock is getting beyond where I want it to be so I am thinking of doing a sell down soon
  • Home Loan Offset account
    • The $30,000 I transferred into my share investment account came out of my home loan offset account however this was partially offset by the after tax cash component of my bonus (unfortunately my bonuses are not what they were in investment banking)
    • I also had several bills fall due from my investment property which reduced this account marginally
    • The net effect was a decrease in my home loan offset account but this should reverse out when I am able to sell my FKP shares (early next year).
  • Personal expenditure
    • My personal expenditure account blew out again this month for several reasons
    • I travelled overseas during the period and I spent much more on food and souvenirs than I thought I would (the over spend was ~$1,000 more than I had budgeted for)
    •  My expenditure smoothing account had a rather big negative effect this month as I put away money for
      • Christmas gifts - I put away almost the whole amount I expect to spend this year from the cash received from my bonus
      • Emergency fund - I believe that everyone should have an emergency fund.  I normally put ~$20 - $50 in each month.  I have been doing this for a while and slowly building this up for a time when things really get tight.  With the payment of my bonus I put away ~$300 of this
      • Other long term relationship savings which I will post about at a later date
      • This will continue to have a rather large impact on my personal expenditure items.  At the moment all of my smoothing funds go into a high interest account however I am thinking of transferring this into my offset account as the effective return is better
On a cumulative basis my performance is as follows:

ItemAug 13 -Nov 13Target (new)Over/(Under)Jan 13 -Nov 13Target (old)Over/(Under)
Share Investments+$34,376+$10,000+$24,376+$48,375+$22,000+$26,375
Offset Acct.-$5,888+$9,600-$15,488+$641+$38,500-$37,859
Personal expenditure+$23,476+$11,200+$12,276+$55,379+$24,200+$31,179

With the transfer into my share account I am well ahead in this category however significantly behind where I wanted to be in terms of savings into my offset account.  Seeing how much I have actually spent over the last 11 months in my personal expenditure account is frankly a little bit scary - when I have completed this year I am going to do a year on year comparison to see where I have improved and where I can do better.

December should be a fairly quiet month - I had to pay for some flights in January to visit my girlfriend's family which will bite however I should be receiving my tax return which will (hopefully) offset this.  

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