Friday, 23 August 2013

I finally bought The Entertainment Book...and it's SO much better than I expected

This will be a very quick weekend warrior post from me which will once again tout the benefits of The Entertainment Book.  I did a post on this last year where I praised the value the book could offer and how much it could save you.  I had not yet purchased one of the books though I could clearly see how much value it could be.

I finally got around to purchasing the book and in one day I made back the cost of the book

This book will offer the most value to you if you are a family or at least not a single person living on your own which is why I delayed purchasing the book for quite a long time.  However I decided to buy the book with my parents and then just take whatever vouchers I wanted that they were not going to use.

I needn't have bothered.  I have saved so much money with this book in one week of owning it that I wish I had done it a long time ago.  The book normally costs $55 - $65 and the first coupon I used was on a breakfast I had planned with my girlfriend on the weekend.  The place we were going to anyway had a two for one offer up to $30.  Our combined breakfast bill was just over $50 and I saved half this money (or virtually my portion of the book) in one meal.

I wish I had bought it earlier...I went through and realised how much I could have saved

I know all about sunk costs and how you shouldn't beat yourself up for decisions you could have done differently but when I went through and discovered how much I could have really saved from the time I moved out I could not believe it.

For example, I helped organise a bucks night where one of the main activities was an afternoon of paintball.  The very paint ball place we went to had a 50% discount voucher for up to 40 people.  As the paintball cost $120 for the afternoon I could have saved our group a collective $2,400 which could have gone back into our pockets or into some other activity on the night!

By the way - it's not only 'fancy outings' that are covered

When I first saw the book
and was flicking through it I thought it was something that I could use once in a way and I touted the benefits that came with the ability to buy groceries at a 5% discount.  This in itself is a great deal but there is a real benefit to the vouchers themselves.

Even if you don't do these special outings you can benefit.  There were vouchers for McDonald's, Nandos and other fast food places.  There were places I frequented for brunch on a regular basis and there was even an Indian restaurant which I go to just because they are a struggling local business and I want to support them.

Further there are vouchers for discounts to theme parks on the Gold Coast and a whole heap of other venues.

Before you buy the book for date nights and all other nights...make sure your partner is not squeamish about vouchers

When I wrote my last post on this book I was dating a girl who would have not been impressed (to say the least) if I had pulled out a voucher while paying for a dinner or brunch out.  Before buying this book I brought it up (very tentatively) with my current girlfriend and she thought it was a great idea.

You need to be on the same page with the people you are going to be using it with.  If your partner is on board or you can convince them then go out and get one of these books.  They will save you more money than you can imagine!

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