Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Back on Deck

Thanks to many of my readers who have posted comments and sent me emails encouraging me to continue posting.  As regular readers would know I have been on a hiatus for the last few months (without explanation).  As I said in posts earlier this year, the first part of this was due to limited Internet connectivity during my overseas holiday.

For the last 2 months I have not been posting however for an entirely different reason.  You may remember some time ago I did a post on 'How much do I tell others about my personal finances'.  In it I cover my personal view of this very sensitive issue

  • I personally do not talk about my finances very much at all
  • There are very few people who know what I earn
  • Further, due to how much I disclose on this blog, I had not told anyone what the address of this site is (although some of my closer friends knew that I did have a blog)
However towards the end of January I broke my cardinal rule about this blog and gave the address to my (now) ex girlfriend.  I trusted her completely and it was one of the crazy things we do in relationships.  

Anyway, as these things do, our relationship ended for completely different reasons.  It then struck me that a person, who presumably did not like me very much any more, had access to information that I shared with no one else who knew me personally....and it terrified me

I stopped posting for fear that friends would come up to me and know way too much about me and what I spend my money on and how much I make and all those other things that you really should keep to yourself. I didn't want to take down the information that I had already posted because people seemed to be getting good use out of it and I was proud of what I had built.

Two months on however, and none of my fears have come to fruition.  I will be eternally grateful to my ex-girlfriend for not telling anyone about this site so I can continue to post on here and build it up as a resource (or just an entertaining read) for anyone that likes it.  In the unlikely event that my ex-girlfriend is reading this - I just want you to know how much I appreciate that fact.

So I am now back on deck and will be (hopefully) posting furiously over the next few days.  I have had several huge changes in my financial situation and goals which I hope to share with you all.

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