Monday, 2 April 2012

March 2012 net worth - $233,000 (+2%)

Assets: $588,000 (+1%)
Liabilities: $355,000 (-0.2%)
Net worth: $233,000 (+2%)

As expected, I did not have a significant increase in my March net worth primarily driven by high personal expenditure which meant that I could not allocate as much to my investments. The net worth this month was not driven so much by one or two items but rather several smaller movements including:

  • An automatic increase in the cash allocated to my employee share investment plan

  • A slightly lower credit card balance (as posted before my car service unexpectedly cost much more than budgeted for) - hopefully I will get some significant gains next month as this amount rolls off

  • Share market returns were marginally positive

I looked back at my February 2012 net worth and noted that I had predicted negative returns due to my high personal expenditure and it certainly would have resulted in this had I noted had mandated savings / investment plans such as the government mandated superannuation scheme as well as my participation in my company's employee share investment plan.

For April I am predicted relatively flat returns once again. My credit card bill will continue to take significant amounts of cash and I have just booked an overseas holiday which I will need to pay for in April. Against this I am forecasting some strong returns from a share purchase plan which I participated in which I will outline in the coming days.

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